Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the pupa stages

life and turned very strange and confusing of late. I am in transition or state of metamorphosis. I now have new space that was badly needed for my art projects.
At the crossroads gallery I noticed that the art was not terribly good. I thought certainly I could make something good enough to hang there,but I have been procrastinating with my paint studies.
All my energy is in making smaller less costly items to sell.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A curious quiet reawakening

Im starting this fresh clean blog to celebrate and encourage the reanimation of my muse from her 10 year hibernation!

The thorn apple (Jimsonweed) is a flower that is plentiful and wild where I grew up. It was the subject of a still life I painted at 15 and first painting I ever sold. $25 dollars yippee^-^ And I smoked it with my mom shhh thats another story,but its enhanced sentimental attachment and significance as a beautiful night blooming flower pleases me. And I hope will creep into my new images.